Automatic Uniaxial &Triaxial Testing Machine (UTR-0450.PVPR)

Automatic Uniaxial &Triaxial Testing Machine (UTR-0450.PVPR)

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Strength and Deformability Tests

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UTR-0450.PVPR Automatic Pressure Unit for Lateral Pressure in Hoek Triaxial Cell
UTR-0455 Hoek Triaxial Cell BX, Ø 42,04 mm dia.
UTR-0457 Hoek Triaxial Cell NX, Ø 54,74 mm dia.
UTR-0460 Hoek Triaxial Cell HQ, Ø 63,5 mm dia.
UTR-0400   Compression Jig Assembly for Rock Core Specimens, Ø38,1mm to Ø63,5mm
UTC-0210 High Precision Pressure Transducer and Electronics
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. UTR-0450.PVPR
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph. UTR-0450.PVPR-N


  • The UTR-0450.PVPR Automatic Pressure Unit is used to apply lateral pressure in the Hoek Cell during the triaxial testing of rock specimens.
  • The power pack is equipped with a proportional valve to provide a sensitive control of the loading rate and to maintain a constant confining pressure to within 0.1 bar.
  • Pressure is controlled by using the PID closed loop-controlled electronics.
  • The user can define the set lateral pressure and display the lateral pressure through the U-Touch PRO Control Unit.
  • Any capacity which depends of rigidity and sizes of rock specimens to be tested, EN or ASTM automatic compression testing machines can be used for applying vertical load required for the triaxial and uniaxial tests.
  • As option for weaker rock specimens, the compression machines can be upgraded with option UTC-0210 special calibration procedure to have Class 1 starting from 1% of the full range of the capacity.


  • Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
  • Emergency stop button
  • Software controlled maximum load valve
Specifications of UTR-0450.PVPR:
Max. Working Pressure 420 bars
Min Controllable Pressure 3 bars
Pressure Accuracy 0.1 bar
Dimensions 400x450x1000 mm
Weight (approx.) 80 kg
Power 750 W

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