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Automatic Programmable Mortar Mixer (UTCM-0885E)

Strength Tests

StandardsEN 196-1, 196-3, 413-2, 459-2, 480-1, 1015-2, 12617-4; ASTM C187, C305; AASHTO T129, T131, T162

The Automatic Programmable Mortar Mixers are supplied complete with:

  • Bowl, 5 lt (approx.)
  • Beater

Product Code:

UTCM-0885EAutomatic Programmable Mortar Mixer
UTCM-0885AAutomatic Programmable Mortar Mixer
UTCM-0876Spare Bowl, 5 L
UTCM-0878ESpare Beater, EN
UTCM-0878ASpare Beater, ASTM
Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.UTCM-0885EUTCM-0885A
Models for 110-120 V 60Hz, 1ph.UTCM-0885E-NUTCM-0885A-N


  • The mixers have been designed to mix mortars and cement pastes primarily to the requirements of standards.
  • The mixing paddles have a planetary motion and is driven by a motor with a microprocessor-based speed and pre-set programs to meet all listed EN and ASTM standards, custom designed programs or manual mode.
  • The mode button is used for the fast selection of different programs.
  • The mixing paddles revolve at a rate of 140 rpm. with a planetary motion of 62 rpm. in low speed.
  • In high speed, the paddles revolve at the rate of 285 rpm. with a planetary motion of 125 rpm.
  • An automatic sand dispenser is supplied with the machine and the sand is automatically discharged.
  • Custom design allows 6 programs to be set by the operator, where the motor speed, sand dispenser position and duration of the mix can be set.
  • For the mix where the motor speed is selected as zero, the bowl can be lowered without interrupting the rest of the program.
  • On the display the user can see the mix time and the machine is equipped with lamp in order to warn the user for critical time periods.
Dimensions300x555x610 mm
Weight (approx.)56 kg
Power200 W

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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