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Cone, cup, needles and penetration test gauge supplied separately BS1377-2

Code LSL191
British Standard BS1377-2
Weight (kg) 15
Tariff 902480 90
Picture shows penetrometer with cone and cup.
*Please note that these are not supplied with the penetrometer and must be purchased separately, see below. 
  • The automatic penetrometer is sturdily constructed, with alight alloy base table with levelling screws, plated vertical rod and a micrometric vertical adjustment device.
  • The slider is manufactured from brass with free fall. The dial, graduated in 0.1mm divisions round360°, has a diameter of 150mm.
  • The penetrometer is supplied with push-button stop and release, automatic zero set, micrometre adjustment and 50 and 100g weights.
  • A magnetic controller device automatically releases the plunger head and ensures free falling of the needle during the5-seconds test. The timer is fixed on 5 seconds.
  • Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz 1ph -200W
  • Dimensions: 220 x 280 x 410mm
  • Weight:15kg
  • Cones, penetration test gauges and penetration cups are available separately, see LSL196, LSL197 and LSL198.
  • For needles see LBM370 and LBM371

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