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Automatic Frost Heave Cabinet To BS812-124 (LAG250)

Automatic Frost Heave Cabinet To BS812-124 (LAG250)

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To BS812-124

Code LAG250
British Standard BS812-124
Tariff 902480 90
  • Frost heave Cabinet, designed in accordance with BS 812-124:2009

Custom built with the following features:

  • 9 No electronic displacement transducers
  • Auto Air and water temperature control
  • Real time display of air and water temperatures and displacement
  • Auto logging of data onto SD card
  • Constant water level unit and alarm
  • Sample moulds with tamper
  • Calibration certificate
  • This frost heave cabinet is able to accommodate 9 samples, allowing two tests per session and a reference, in accordance with the British Standard BS812-124.
  • The unit is designed to be simple to operate, simply switch on to commence testing and logging data.
  • A constant level water unit is attached to the cabinet to maintain water level, and the water bath underneath the samples is fitted with a water level alarm.
  • This sounds if the level drops below a pre‐defined level, which may occur with porous materials. This enables the operator to top the constant level water unit up if required.
  • Displacement measurements are recorded continuously for each sample using digital displacement transducers, which can be calibrated in‐situ using reference blocks.

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