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24 Lt class “B” Autoclave with pre vacuum and vacuum drying.

  • Choice of 24 cycles at 121 or 135˚C Including Bowie Dick test and Prions.
  • Touch screen controls and fault-finding display makes this an easy autoclave to use and maintain.
  • Suitable for most applications such as Packs, Liquids and open instruments.
  • Can be used in Laboratory, Medical and dental Labs.


TypeHorizontal Bench- top
Voltage230V / 50-60Hz
Power Supply2400 W / 11 Amp
Design Temperature140 ˚C
Sterilizing Temperature121/135 °C
Sterilizing Pressure1.2/2.1 kg/cm²
Chamber Size (Ф x D)26 x 45cm
Chamber Capacity24 Lt
Auto DryYes: 0. 15. 30. 35. 40 Minutes
Pre- vacuum and Dry VacuumYes
Auto-Add waterYes
Capacity of Water Tank4200cc
Digital Temperature DisplayYes
Pressure / Vacuum Gauge displayYes
Safety deviceYes
Micro Processor / TemperatureYes
Control System 
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H)65.5 x 53.3 x 44.2cm
Standard Accessories–      Sterilization Case (1Pc) or

–      Rack (1Pc) with trays (3 Pcs)

–      Element cover (3Pcs)

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