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Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath (UTA-0880)

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Chemical Properties

StandardsCANADA CSA-A23.2-25A; For Moulds: ASTM C227, C490, C1260

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UTA-0880Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath
UTA-0882Alkali Specimens Can, stainless steel, with a hanger which can hold 3 pcs. 25x25x285 mm specimens.
UTCM-0033ATwo Gang Prism Shrinkage Mould, 25x25x285 mm
UTCM-0034Steel Insert for ASTM C490, 12 pcs.
UTCM-0035Reference Rod 295 mm Long with Convex Hemispherical End
UTCM-0200Digital Length Comparator
UTCM-0210Length Comparator with Heidenhain Length Measuring Sensor and Digital Readout Unit
UTC-1170Large Type Digital Length Comparator
Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.UTA-0880
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph.UTA-0880-N


  • The Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath is used to keep 25x25x285 mm samples in NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) or in any other solution at a specified temperature.
  • The temperature can be adjusted between ambient to 80°C by using the digital controller.
  • The chamber of the bath is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 36 specimens (25x25x285 mm).
  • UTA-0880 is supplied complete with 3 pcs. stainless steel alkali specimens’ cans (UTA-0882).
  • Each can has a stainless steel hanger which can hold 3 pcs. 25x25x285 mm specimens.
  • Additional alkali specimens’ cans should be ordered separately.
  • UTCM-0033 is used to determine the potential alkali reactivity of cement-aggregate combinations (mortar-bar method).
  • This mould is also used for determining the length change of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete.
  • The test also requires UTCM-0200 or UTCM-0210 or UTC-1170 Length Comparators.
  • UTA-0880 Aggregate Reaction Bath can also be used as a general purpose water bath.
Dimensions550x1000x800 mm
Weight (approx.)70 kg
Power2000 W

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