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Accessories for Uniaxial Compression and Splitting Tensile Tests (UTR-0400)

Strength and Deformability Tests

StandardsASTM D7012, D3897; ISRM

Product Codes:

UTR-0400Compression Jig Assembly for Rock Core Specimens
UTR-0422Indirect Tensile (Brazil) Test Apparatus for NX (Ø54.74 mm) Rock Specimens, ISRM
UTR-0424Indirect Tensile (Brazil) Test Apparatus for HQ (Ø63,5 mm) Rock Specimens, ISRM
UTR-0426Indirect/Splitting Tensile Test Device for NX (Ø54.74 mm) Rock Specimens, ASTM


  • UTR-0400 is used for uniaxial compressive strength tests of rock core specimens with 47to 63,5 mm.
  • Supplied with 2 pcs. 32mm and 1 pc. 20 mm distance pieces.
  • UTR-0422, UTR-0424 and UTR-0426 are used for determining the splitting tensile strength of rock by diametral line compression of a disk.
Platens Dimensions80 mm diameter, 40 mm thick
Min. Hardness of Platens58 HRC
Vertical Clearance165 mm
Loading Head Stroke65

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