Accelerated Curing Tanks (UTC-0980-C)

Accelerated Curing Tanks (UTC-0980-C)

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Hardened Concrete Testing

Code UTC-0980-C
Standards ASTM C 684, C 1768 (Procedure A – Warm Water Method)

BS 1881: Part 112  (35°C Method and 55°C Method)

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UTC-0980-C Accelerated Curing Tank, Ambient to +60°C, 380 V 50 Hz, 3 ph.


  • UTC-0980-C Accelerated Curing Tank is designed for curing concrete specimens according to ASTM C1768 (Procedure A – Warm Water Method) and BS 1881: Part 112 (35°C Method and 55°C Method).
  • The Tank consists of an insulated rectangular double walled metal chamber inside lined with stainless steel outer powder coated, an insulated lid with lifting handle to cover the chamber and a stainless-steel perforated platform for circulation of water and to support the concrete specimens.
  • The tank works ambient to +60°C temperature.
  • The temperature is controlled with closed loop PID controlled digital thermoregulator with accuracy of ±2°C. Curing temperature and curing time can also be set.
External Dimensions 1000x750x850 mm
Internal Dimensions 900x600x640 mm
Weight (approx.) 90 kg
Power 4500 W
Current (UTC-0980-C) 20 Ampere

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