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to EN10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM E8, ASTM C39, ASTM F606

Code LTS150
Other Standards EN10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM E8, ASTM C39, ASTM F606
Tariff 902490 00 0
  • The test machine has four Chrome plated columns for durability, a tough servo-controlled load frame, dual spaces for tension and compression tests or other tests (corresponding grips required).
  • The external digital controller (EDC) has software featuring high accuracy, fast response and an upgraded load-cell system to provide superior accuracy and zeroing capability, increasing the reliability of test results.
  • The LTS150 600kN Servo Hydraulic Universal Test Machine is guaranteed to meet EN10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM E8, ASTM C39, ASTM F606 and other international and national standard specifications, suitable for tension, compression and other tests (corresponding grips required) on materials and assemblies such as metal rods, metal sheets, steels, fasteners, cement, concrete etc.


  • Open front crossheads make it easier to insert and remove samples, for increased productivity and operator safety.
  • Portable control panel (handheld unit) provides convenient access to commonly used testing functions, adjustable crosshead and emergency stop.
  • External digital controller (EDC), can acquire, or automatically dispose of testing data, display real-time stress-strain curves, load-deformation curves, load-time curves and other related curves, at the same time it can save, output, print test reports and data in customised formats.
If a PC is supplied to be used with the machine then a handheld unit is not required and will not be supplied.

Software Features

  • 32Bit-Program
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Customised and field-proven applications
  • All protocols and printouts freely definable
  • “Free Programming Module” for individual tests
  • Compatible to each EDC system
  • Export into ASCII or EXCEL files
  • Almost all applications possible in the testing lab
  • Integrated graphics
  • Integration of several additional channels possible
  • Direct connection of thickness gauges, callipers and other measurement instruments via RS232
  • Fast and reliable testing
  • The Test & Motion software has been developed for use with testing instruments, that can be controlled by the external digital controller (EDC).
  • The ‘intelligent’ EDC has its own processor with a separate program, which is able to exchange data with the PC software.
  • In this way, it is possible to detect data from the test machine, process it in real-time and also send commands from the PC to the machine.
  • In addition to the EDC, further measuring cards or instruments can be served by the software.
  • These have to be defined with different test configurations before the start of the test.
  • Since the handling of different machines having different test configurations differs in some points, the most important differentiating factors are named at the corresponding place.
  • The relevant places of the help system refer to the different measuring technology systems.
  • The Software displays different information in separate windows so it can all be viewed at the same time.
  • A variety of signal sources can be displayed. Load, position and strain are standard, but other transducers or calculated results can be displayed, also.
  • Sample diameter, temperature, scales, etc. are possible as well as results via I/Os.
  • Variables are shown as curves in X- or Y-direction or are listed digitally.
  • The variable names can be changed (e.g. load or F), the graphic can be zoomed several times and remarks can be stored within the graphics.
  • If a larger view of the curves is needed, the graphics window can be maximised to screen size.
  • Due to the organisation in separate windows, you have the ability to arrange items on the display as required.
  • Test & Motion is a Windows™ program and can be used with all Windows printers.
  • In order to distinguish the test curves, we recommend the use of a colour printer.
  • All results and statistic values, as well as all settings and data regarding the tests, can be selectively printed.
  • Your company logo can be printed on the header or footer.
  • Test & Motion consists of a basic software T&M_Basis and different application modules.
  • All application modules use the basic software as a platform.
  • Then, they offer special types of calculation, the results of which can be displayed and printed.
  • Adding the modules Free Programming and Sequence Control.
  • The EDC can detect data with a rate of 500Hz, but the Test & Motion software is just as fast – and even faster: For dynamic applications, the EDC can work with a rate of up to 1kHz.

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