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5000ml Pyknometer (Bottle) to EN1097-6 (LAG114/2)

5000ml Pyknometer (Bottle) to EN1097-6 (LAG114/2)

SKU LAG114/2 Category

5000ml capacity bottle only

Code LAG114/2
Other standards EN1097-6
Tariff 902480 90
  • Image shows LAG111/2 bottle for 500ml capacity pyknometer.
  • Replacement funnels and bottles are also available, as below.
Part Number Spare Part
LAG109/1 250ml capacity top funnel only
LAG111/1 500ml capacity top funnel only
LAG112/1 1000ml capacity top funnel only
LAG113/1 2000ml capacity top funnel only
LAG114/1 5000ml capacity top funnel only
LAG109/2 250ml capacity bottle only
LAG111/2 500ml capacity bottle only
LAG112/2 1000ml capacity bottle only
LAG113/2 2000ml capacity bottle only
LAG114/2 5000ml capacity bottle only

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