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High Accuracy 0.1% Column Load Cell

Code LCT050
Tariff 902480 90
  • This is a high accuracy column load/force cell designed for use as Reference Standard or in high capacity weighing applications where accuracy is of utmost importance.
  • The simple column design and sealed construction assures excellent resistance in the most arduous of conditions.
Rated Output: 2.0 nominal mV/V
Total Error: 0.1 ±% of Rated Output
Zero Return: 0.04 ±% of Applied Load
Zero Balance: 2 ±% of Rated Output
Temperature Range: Operating -20°C to +70°C °C
Compensated +10°C to +50°C °C
Temperature Effect: On Output 0.005 % of Applied Load/ °C
On Zero 0.005 % of Applied Load/ °C
Safe Overload: 150 % of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Overload: 300 % of Rated Capacity
Excitation: Recommended 10
Maximum 15 Volts AC or DC
Bridge Resistance: 1400 Ohms
Insulation Impedance: >500 Megaohms @ 500vdc
Deflection at Rated Capacity: <0.4 mm
Construction: Stainless Steel
Environmental Protection: IP65 (IP68 available)
Electrical Connection: 6-Pin Bayonet-Lock Connector inc. Mating Half fitted with 4m PUR cable


LCT050: 300mm high x 127mm diameter

LCT060: 325mm high x 145mm diameter

Readout Unit

  • High resolution digital load cell indicator designed to work with all types of load cell and strain gauge-based transducer.
  • The load cell indicator features a 7-digit LCD display which makes it suitable for any monitoring application from general industrial up to high accuracy reference standards.
  • Other features include peak & trough capture, display update rates up to 25Hz, display hold / freeze, shunt calibration, integrated TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) functionality and optionally an RS232 serial data output.
  • The load cell indicator’s dual range facility allows for calibration in two different engineering units, i.e. Newtons and kg.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to calibrate of two separate load cells or sensor with a single display.
  • The load cell indicator is housed in a robust IP65 enclosure and powered by 2x ‘AA’ batteries that provide up to 450 hours of continuous operation in low power mode with a 350Ω load cell or strain gauge bridge connected.

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