Economy Oven - Thermostat - 160 Lt (LESOT-160)
Economy Ovens and Incubators have 304 stainless steel inners,
powder coated outer housings and fitted with the following:-
hydraulic temperature control thermostat * heater on indicator lamp *
over temperature safety thermostat * over temperature indicator lamp *
fan assisted air circulation * non tip self runners * adjustable fresh air vent
and supplied with two chrome plated wire shelves
(perforated S/S shelves optional)
Temperature Control range: Ambient +5°C to 250°C (min 30°C)
Control accuracy:              +/- 2°C at 150°C
Chamber uniformity:           1°C at 100°C
         Model                 Volume (approx)               Max No. of Shelves
       LESOT-160                   160 liter                                     5
Supplied with two chrome plated wire shelves
Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on our website.