Heating Blocks 450ºC Max (LES-HB450/D)
Aluminium block heater with remote temperature control - cables between
controller and block unit 2 meters long * Grade 6082 machined aluminium block *
LES-HB450/D - Double Block Unit
Micro Processor PID controller
Control accuracy +/- 0,2ºC @100ºC
Digital temperature indicator and setpoint
High and low temperature deviation indicators
Audio/Visual over temperature alarm
Digital Timer – max 9999 minutes (approx. 7 days)
Offset calibration function
Standard Block configurations (hole depth 60mm)
Number of Holes            Hole diameter
         105                              16,5mm
          60                                 23mm
          40                                 28mm
          40                                 34mm
          18                               47,5mm
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