Immersion Thermostat / Circulator (LES-E)
Universal mounting clamp for clamping to the rim of virtually any tank or bridge
plate to straddle tank (factory standard).* Dual ventilation system.* Adjustable
pump output control lever, 30 to 100% of flow rate. * Pump nozzle can be rotated
to reach remote corners in vessel (screw drive required)*
High grade stainless steel pump and housing – cover aluminium.*
minimum tank depth 160mm* Digital Timer – LES-E only
LES-E - Control range -35ºC to +150ºC 1,0 Kw
             Note:- dependant on tank volume, high temperatures may need
             the option -- Heating element 1,5Kw or 2,0Kw
             Fitted with external socket for cooling unit control
Micro Processor PID controller
Control accuracy +/- 0,1ºC @40ºC
Minimal Overshoot at start up - typically 0,2ºC
Digital temperature indicator and setpoint
High and low temperature deviation indicators
Audio/Visual over temperature alarm
Digital Timer – max 9999 minutes (approx. 7 days)
Offset calibration function
Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on our website.