We are developing SOLDAS for each of our engineering equipment. We supply most of our equipment with SOLDAS depend on customer requirement. Most of our customer, order our equipment and request to bundle with DAS (Data Acquisition System). Our equipment DAS involve hardware and software, it consists of I/O hardware, computer workstation, and SOLDAS. SOLDAS is running inside a computer, it communicate with equipment through I/O hardware that installed on the equipment control panel, it provide the following features:


* GUI (Graphical User Interface), equipment will be presented in graphical schematic diagram, the real-time experiments data will be showed next to the measurement instruments
* Perform data logging, save data in files, the data will be saved in spreadsheet format for analysis
* Plot experiment data on trend, a few measurements can be put into a same trend to compare the experiment result
* Supervisory control, i.e. PID,PI
* Perform arithmetic calculation on experiment data, generate experiment result on real-time data
* Data and result printing