HIS Plate and Frame Filter Press (Model: TR 25) has been designed for sludge and slurry filtration
suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food & beverage industries. The dewatering of the
sludge and slurry to produce solid cake with minimum moisture content is done batch wise using a
mechanically applied pressure to achieve high sludge cake solid content. The filter press consists of a series of
plates in parallel, each fitted with a filter cloth. The filter plates are made of polypropylene material and are placed
between the moving and stationary platens. The filter media are made of polypropylene cloths that function as a
gasket when the plate pack is in close position. During the filtration cycle, the slurry to be filtered is pumped at
high pressure and the filtrate passes through the filter cloth before it drains out of the plates. The cake will then form
in the space between individual plates. The filtration cycle stops when the filtrate discharge is reduced to a
trickling flow and the press is opened for cake removal.