1-2-3 Acrylic Glue
Abrasive Cut Off Machines
Accessory Kit Spray
Adaptor - 1" Drive
Adaptor - 1/4" Drive
Adaptor - 3/4" Drive
Adaptor - 3/8" Drive
Adaptor - Electrical
Adaptor - Ratchet 1/2" Drive
Adaptor Block
Adaptor Plates
Adhesive Fastener
Adhesive Skid Protectors
Adhesive Starch Protectors
Adjustable Nozzle - Brass
Adjustable Reamers
Adjustable Wrench
Air Accessory Kit
Air Angle Grinder - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Angle Grinder - Industrial Duty
Air Caulking Gun - Industrial Duty
Air Die Grinder - Industrial Duty
Air Die Grinder - Mini Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Drill - Industrial Duty
Air Drive Film
Air Duster Gun
Air Filters
Air Hammers - Industrial Duty
Air Hose Compressor
Air Hydraulic Pumps
Air Impact Wrench - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Impact Wrench - Industrial Duty
Air Impact Wrench Kit (17 Piece) - Industrial Duty
Air Nailer - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Nailer - Industrial Duty
Air Nails
Air Needle Scaler - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Operated Grease Ratio Pump - 20 to 50 kg
Air Orbital Sander - Industrial Duty
Air Ratchet Wrench - Industrial Duty
Air Reversible Drill - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Riverter - Heavy Industrial Duty
Air Riverter - Industrial Duty
Air Sander - Dual Action - Industrial Duty
Air Screwdriver Clutch Type - Industrial Duty
Air Stapler 10 to 22 mm - Industrial Duty
Air Staples for Air Staplers
Air Tool Oilers - Mini
Air Tools
Air Vertical Polisher 180 mm - Industrial Duty
Airbrush Kit
Alignment Kits
All Weather Tape
Allen Key Set
Allen Key Socket Set 1/2" Drive
Aluminium Cases
Aluminium Cutting Blades
Aluminium Sello Tape
Anchor Bolts Anchoring & Patching Cement
Angle Grinder Air - Heavy Industrial Duty
Angle Grinder Air - Industrial Duty
Angle Plates
Angle Torque Gauge
Anti Scuff Spray Paste
Anti Spatter Welding Aerosol
Anti-Freeze Tester
Antivibration Pads
Apprentice Tool Boxes
Apron & Spats
Arbor Presses
Arbors Holesaw
Argon Flow
Armor Piercing Drulls
Asphalt Cutting Machines
Assortment Fuse
Assortment Nut & Bolt
Assortment O Ring
Assortment Split Pin
Assortment Spring
Assortment Water
Assortment Wire Lug
Augers Bits
Auto Trim Repair Tape
Automatic Centre Punch
Aviation Tinsnip
Awl Piercing
Axe Handle
Axe Pick Eye
B & D Angle Grinder
B & D Drill - Cordless
B & D Drilling Machines
Back 2 Black
Back Plate
Backing Pads
Backpac Dispenser
Bailing Twine
Bakkie Back
Balast Fork - 10 Prong
Ball Chain
Ball Joint Separator
Ball Nose Slot Drills
Ballpein Hammers
Bandsaw Blades
Bar Benders
Bar Croppers
Bar Shears
Barrel Bolt
Barrier Fencing
Barrier Tape
Basin Plugs - Black Rubber
Basin Wrench
Bath / Basin Plugs
Bath / Hand Shower
Bath Mats
Bath Silicone Sealent
Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom Hooks
Bathroom Organaser
Bathroom Shelf
Batteries Hitachi
Batteries Varta
Battery & Charger Combination Table
Battery Charger Varta
Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers Hitachi
Battery Hydrometer
Battery Load Tester
Battery Terminal Cleaner
Battery Terminal Protector
Batton Holders
Bearing Pullers
Bearing Remover
Bearing Separator
Beater Pick
Bell Press Switch
Belt Dressing Spray
Belt Micrometer
Belt Punches
Belt Sanders Hitachi
Belt Tension Gauge
Belts Sanding
Bench Drilling Machines
Bench Grinders
Bench Vices
Bevel Protractors
Beveling Machine Euroboor
Bib - Safety
Bilge Pump Kit
Black Tyre Paint
Blade - Bandsaw
Blade - Circular Saw
Blade - Coping Saw
Blade - Diamond Cutting
Blade - Double Edge
Blade - General Purpose
Blade - Hacksaw
Blade - Jigsaw
Blade - Junior Hacksaw
Blade - Mitre Saw
Blade - Plane
Blade - Powersaw
Blade - Reciprocating
Blade - Rodsaw
Blade - Snap Off
Blade - Spare Trimming Knife
Blade - Spare Trimming Knife - Snap Off
Blade - Spokeshave
Blade - Steel Cutting
Blade - Surform
Blind Rivits
Block Salamoniac
Blocks Sponge
Blow Gun
Blower Hitachi
Blowtorch Gas Refill
Boarded Coat Rail Hat & Coat
Boat Tool Kits
Body File Blades
Body Filler & Hardner
Bodyfile Holder
Bodyframe Repairs Kits
Boiler Maker's Chalk
Boilermakers Reamers
Bolt Cutter
Bolt Soldering
Bookcase Clips
Booster Cables
Boots - Safety
Bore Gauge Set
Bore Gauges
Boring and Facing Heads
Bottle Jacks
Bow Saws
Box of Pan Folders
Boxed Handle
Brace Carpenters
Brad Nails Spare
Brad Point Drill Bits
Braided Outdoor Rope
Braided Sash Cord
Brake Cleaner
Brake Spring Pliers
Brass Quick Fit Air Coupler Set
Brass Shimstock
Brazed Tools
Brazing & Cutting Kits
Brazing Flux
Brazing Rods
Breakers Hitachi
Brick Bolster
Brick Hammers
Brick Jointer with Wheels
Brick Trowels
Bricks - Rubbing
Bridge Reamers
Broom Handle
Brush - Acid Resistant
Brush - File Cleaning
Brush - Paint
Brush - Whitewash
Brushes - Hitachi
Bucket Greaser - 10 kg
Builders Straightedge
Bull Nose Stem & Nuts
Bullet Hinge
Bungee Cords
Burnishing Compound
Butt Welders
Cabin Hooks
Cabinet Paper
Cabinet Scraper
Cable - Booster
Cable - Connector Bayonette Type
Cable - Connector Bdinse Ty[e
Cable - Connector Female
Cable Cutter Plier
Cable Cutters
Cable Hooks
Cable Lugs
Cable Tidy
Cable Ties
Caddy - Value Section
Caliper Set
Calipers - Inside
Calipers - Jenny
Calipers - Outside
Cambuckle Tie Down
Can Seam Micrometers
Cane Knife
Car Cooling System Tester
Car Wax
Carb Cleaner
Carbide and Mills
Carbide Burrs
Carbide Drills
Carbide Inserts
Carbons Gouging
Carburetor & Fuel System Cleaner
Carpenter's Brace
Carpenter's Pinchers
Carpet Tape
Carpet Trimming Knife
Carving Chisel
Caulking Gun
Caulking Gun - Air - Industrial Duty
CBN Wheels
Ceiling Exhaust Fan
Centering Heads
Centre Drills
Centre Finders
Centre Punch
Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Chain & Fittings - Grade 80 & 100
Chain & Linkage Spray
Chain Ball
Chain Blocks - Burncrete
Chain Connector
Chain Fittings - Burncrete
Chain Grade 30 & 43
Chain Grade 30 & 43 - Burncete
Chain Hoist
Chain Joiner
Chain Padlock
Chain Padlock
Chain Pipe Vice
Chain Pipe Wrench
Chain Twist Link
Chalk - Soapstone
Chalkline Refils
Channeling Chisels
Chargers Hitachi
Charges Battery
Chassis Punches
Chast Handle
Chemical Pump - Vertical
Child Safety - Products
Chipper SDS Max
Chipping Hammer
Chisel - Wood
Chisel / Punch Set
Chisels - Bull Point
Chisels - Carving
Chisels - Cold
Chisels - Cold Hitachi
Chocks - Truck
Chuck Arbor
Chucks & Keys
Circle Cutting Attachment & Radius Cutter
Circling Machines
Circlip Pliers
Circular Saw B & D
Circular Saw Blades
Circular Saw Euroboor
Circular Saw Hitachi
Clamp - G
Clamp Earth G Type - Heavy Duty Brass
Clamp Glueing
Clamp Levers
Clamp Meters
Clamp Mitre Corner
Clamp Quick Grip
Clamp Sash
Clamp Speed - Pro M
Clamp Spring
Clamp T-Bar
Clamping Elements
Clamping Kits
Clamps - Hose
Clamps - Hose Gas Welding
Classic Hooks
Claw Hammers
Cleaner - Aluminium
Cleaner - Battery Terminal
Cleaner - Flux Soldering
Cleaner - Mag / Wheel
Cleaner - Sink / Drain
Cleaner - Surface
Cleaner - Windscreen
Clear Adhesive
Cleat Hooks
Clip - Magnetic
Clock Gauges
Cloth Holder
Club Hooks
CNC Machines
CNC Rotary Tables
CNC Toolholders
Coat Hooks
Coat Rail Hat & Coat
Coated Abrasives
Cobalt Drills
Cockpit Spray
Coil Spring Compressor
Coining Machines
Cold Chisels
Cold Zinc Galvanising Spray
Collapsible Black Crate
Collect Chucks
Combination Pliers
Combination Sets
Combination Spanners
Combination Squares
Combs Scutch
Comparator Stands
Compound Tables
Compression Tester
Compressor - Air Hose
Compressor - Belt Drive
Compressor - Direct Drive
Concentric Puller
Concept Stands
Concrete Cutting Machines
Concrete Drill Bits
Concrete Nails
Concrete Nipper
Concrete Wheelbarrow
Conector Dins
Connector Hose - Garden
Connector Strips
Contact Adhesive
Contact Tips Tweco
Contour Carker
Contour Makers
Converter Rust
Coolant Hose
Coolant Pumps
Cooling System Tester
Coping Saw
Coping Saw Blades
Copper / Rawhide Hammers
Copper Compound Paste
Copper Compound Spray
Copper Gasket Sealer
Copper Hammers
Cordless Drill Bits
Cordless Drills
Core Cutters
Core Drill Cutter Accessories
Core Drill Grinding Machine
Core Drills
Corn Knife
Corner Blocks & Caps - Plastic
Corner Brackets
Corner Iron
Corner Rounding Cutters
Corner Shelf - Suction Cup
Corner Shelf - Value Suction
Corner Trowels
Counter Bores
Coupler 1/2" Drive
Coupler 3/4" Drive
Coupler 3/8" Drive
Coupler Grease Gun
Coupler Hose - Garden
Coupler Set - Quick Fit Air
Crack Filler
Crankshaft Grinding Wheels
Crayons - Lumber
Crayons - Temperature
Crimping Plier
Cropping Machines
Cultivator Hand
Cup Gaskets
Cup Hooks
Cupboard Lock
Cupboard Vent
Curve O Mark
Cut Off Blades
Cut Off Discs
Cut-Off Machine Hitachi
Cut-Off Saw Matpower
Cutter - 3 in 1 Tile
Cutter - Bolt
Cutter - Cable
Cutter - Glass
Cutter - Line Nylon
Cutter - Pipe
Cutter - Plasma
Cutter - PVC
Cutter - Rope & Steel
Cutter - Tile
Cutter - Tile Carbide Tip
Cutter - Tube
Cutter Blades
Cutting Oils
Cutting Paste
Cutting Torches
Cutting Wheel - 3 in 1
Cutting Wheel - Masonry
Cutting Wheel - Stainless Steel
Cutting Wheel - Steel
Cylinder Hone
Cylinders - Hydraulic
Cylindrical Grinders
Daisy Grubber
Daisy Hooks
Data Books
Day/Night Sensor Lamps
Daylight Switch
DC Power Inverter
Dead Centres
Deadblow Hammer
Deburring Tools
Depressed Centre Grining Wheels
Depth Gauges
Depth Micrometers
Diagonal Cutter Pliers
Diagonal Cutters
Dial Indicator Stand
Dial Indicators
Dial Indicators
Dial Verniers
Diamond Core Drills
Diamond Cutting Blades
Diamond Drill Bits
Diamond Files
Diamond Paste
Diamond Wheel Dressers
Diamond Wheels
Die Grinder Air - Industrial
Die Grinder Air - Mini Heavy Industrial Duty
Die Holders
Die Nuts
Die Springs
Diesel Injector Conditioner
Diesel Injector Socket 1/2" Drive
Digging Fork - 4 Prong
Digging Spade Steel Shaft
Digital Read-Outs
Disc Micrometers
Disc Wheels
Discs Flap
Discs Resin Fiber
Discs Sanding
Dit - Sit
Dividing Heads
Dog Bowls
Door Bumper - Adhesive
Door Chain
Door Closers
Door Handles
Door Hook
Door Seals
Door Stop Rubber Single
Door Stops
Door Viewer
Door Wedge Rubber Single
Double Angle Cutters
Double Edged Hacksaw Blades
Double Ended Stub Drills
Double Johnny 3/4" Drive
Double Roller Catch
Double Sided Tape
Dovetail Cutters
Dovetail Saw
Dowel Pins
Dowels Wooden
Draught Door Seals
Drawer Locks
Drawer Runners
Dressing Stones
Drift Key
Drift Punches
Drill - Cordless B & D
Drill Air - Industrial Duty
Drill Air - Reversible Heavy Industrial Duty
Drill Angle Attachment
Drill Bit Sharpener
Drill Bits - Auger
Drill Bits - Brad Point
Drill Bits - Concrete, Carbide Tipped
Drill Bits - Cordless Muti Straight Shank - Rotary (Drilling Only)
Drill Bits - Diamond
Drill Bits - DIY Industrial - HSS Steel
Drill Bits - DIY Light Industrial - HSS Steel - Sets
Drill Bits - DIY Light Insustrial - HSS Steel - Reduced Shank
Drill Bits - Flat
Drill Bits - Glass & Tile
Drill Bits - Granite
Drill Bits - Hammer - SDS +
Drill Bits - HSS Cobalt
Drill Bits - HSS Double End Stub
Drill Bits - HSS Pro
Drill Bits - HSS Pro - Reduced Shank
Drill Bits - HSS Straight Shank Jobber
Drill Bits - HSS Straight Shank Jobber - Set
Drill Bits - Masonry, Carbide Tipped
Drill Bits - Morse Taper Shank - HSS
Drill Bits - Speedhammer Max 2 Cutting Edges
Drill Bits - Speedhammer Max 4 Cutting Edges
Drill Bits - Speedhammer Plus
Drill Bits - Unibit - Stepped
Drill Bits Sets - HSS Pro
Drill Bushes
Drill Centre
Drill Chuck & Keys
Drill Chuck Arbor
Drill Chucks
Drill Core Cutters
Drill Drift Keys
Drill Drifts
Drill End Mills
Drill Grinding Attachment
Drill Hand
Drill Press Matpower
Drill Press Vice
Drill Scotch Eyed Auger
Drill Sets
Drill Sharpeners
Drill Sleeve (Morse)
Drill Sleeves
Drill Vices
Drill/Mill Machines
Drilling Machines (Hitachi)
Drilling Machines B & D
Drills Bits - HSS Ground Bright
Drills Core
Drills Speedbore
Drive Pin Vices
Drum Plunge Spanner
Dry Pressure Duster
Duct Tape
Duke Electric Hoist - Burncrete
Dumpy Level
Dust Filter for Respirator
Dust Masks
Duster - Dry Pressure
Dustpan & Brush Set
Ear Plugs
Earth Clamps
Earth Leakage
East Slides
Economy Rolls
Edge Finders
Ejector Pins
Elbow Catch - Brass Plated
Electric Hoist
Electric Insulation Varnish
Electric Motor Cleaner
Electrical Adaptors
Electrical Extension Leads / Reals
Electrical Key - 4 Way
Electrician's Bolster
Electrician's Pliers
Electrician's Screwdriver Set - 1000V with Tester
Electrician's Screwdrivers
Electrode Dryers
Electrode Holders
Electrode Oven
Electronic Dial Gauges
Electronic Micrometers
Electronic Printers
Electronic Processors
Electronic Verniers
Emergency Cloth
End Mill Sharpening Machines
End Mills
End Nipper
Engine Cleaner
Engine Crane
Engine Flush
Engine Stand
Engine Start
Engineer's DIN Hammer
Engineer's Scraper
Entrance Lock
Epoxy Glue
ER Collect Chucks
Euroboor Beveling Machine
Euroboor Portable Circular Saw
Exhaust Ceiling Fan
Extension 3/4" Drive
Extension Bars
Extension Bars 1" Drive
Extension Bars 1/2" Drive
Extension Impact 1" Drive
Extension Impact 1/2" Drive
Extension Impact 3/4" Drive
Extension Leads / Reels
Extension Sleeves
Extensions 1/4" Drive
Extensions 3/8" Drive
Extreme Kleen
Ezee Flo Pump
Face Driving Centres
Face Mills
Face Shield
Farmer's Jeep Jack
Feeler Gauges
Feeler Gauges
Felt Pack
Fencing Barrier
Fencing Pliers
Ferrule Hose Mender
Fibreglass Repair Kit
Filament Tape
File Body Blade
File Cleaning Brush
File Farmer's Friend
File Handle - Wooden
File Handles
File Needle Set
File Rasps
File Set
File Slum Taper
Files - Flat
Files - Half Round
Files - Mill Saw Files
Files - Round
Files - Square
Files - Three Square
Files - Warding File
Files Chainsaw File - Round
Filler - Body
Filler - Foam
Filter Wrench
Finger Locks
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Proof Stove Putty
First Aid Box with Tray
First Aid Kits
Fish Line
Fish Tailing Machines
Fish Tapes
Fishing Tackle Protector
Fitop Electric Hoist - Burncrete
Fitted Ropes - Burncrete
Flap Discs
Flap Wheels
Flare Nut Spanner
Flaring Tools
Flashback Arrestors
Flat Drill Bits
Flat Nose Pliers
Flaw & Crack Detector No 1, 2 & 3
Flexible Grinding Discs
Flexiseal Acrylic Silicon
Flint Lighters and Refils
Floor Marker Tape
Floor Paper
Flooring Adhesive
Flooring Trowel
Flow Meter Argon
Flow Meters
Flower Rake - Hand
Fluid Refractometer Tester
Fluorescent Fittings
Fluorescent Starters
Fluorescent Tape
Fluorescent Tubes
Flux Aluminium
Flux Silver Solder - Coated
Fly Cutters
Fly Presses
Fork - 10 Prong - Ballast
Fork - 4 Prong - Digging
Fork - Hand (Long Handle)
Fork - Hay - 3 Prong
Fork - Ladies
Forklift Jack
Form Grinders
Frosted Glass Spray
Fuel Filter Elements
Furniture Rests
Fuse Assortment
G Clamps
Galleries - PVC
Galvanised Wire Rolls
Garage Handle
Garden Hose Pipe
Garden Hose Quick Connector
Garden Mist Spray
Garden Nozzle Sprays
Garden Scoops
Garden Spray Lance
Garden Sprays
Garden Sprinklers
Garden Timer - Water
Garden Walls - Nails
Gas Diffuser - Tweco No.4
Gas Diffuser - Tweco No.45
Gas Economiser
Gas Refil - Butane / Propane & Anti-Flare
Gas Regulators
Gasket Jointing Compound
Gasket Maker
Gasket Sealant
Gate Latch
Gauge - Depth
Gauge - Height
Gauge - Radius
Gauge - Rain
Gauge - Screw Cutting
Gauge - Screw Pitch
Gauge - Tyre
Gauge Blocks
Gauge Taper
Gauges Feeler
Gauging Trowels
Gear Cutters
Gear Pullers - Heavy Duty
Gear Tooth Verniers
Geared Rotary Barrel Fuel Pump - Heavy Duty
Gel Passivating
General Purpose Saw Blades
Generator Welders
Glass and Tile Drill Bits
Glass Cutters
Glass Plate
Glass Pliers
Glass Safety Maker
Glass Top Skid Protextor
Glue - Polystyrene
Glue - PVC
Glue - Shoe Repair
Glue - Super
Glue - Tile Adhesive
Glue - Wall Paper
Glue - Wonderfix
Glue Cleaner Adhesive
Glue Flooring Adhesive
Glue Guns
Glue Mount - It
Glue Stick
Gluing Clamp
Goggles - Gas Welding
Graffiti Remover
Granite Drill Bits
Granite Products
Grano Jointer
Grape Shears
Graphite Spray
Grass Shears
Grass Slasher
Grease - Bucket - 10 kg
Grease - Control Valve - Professional
Grease - Foot Pump - Mini Lube
Grease Gun Coupler
Grease Gun Hose - Standard Duty
Grease Guns
Grease Nipples
Grease Pump
Green Lacing Cord
Grinder - Amgle Hitachi
Grinder - Angle B & D
Grinding Discs - Steel
Grinding Fluid
Grinding Machines
Grinding Wheel - 3 in 1
Grinding Wheel Dresser
Grinding Wheel Masonary
Grinding Wheel Spanzec
Grinding Wheels
Gripper Catch - Plastic White
Grommet Tools
Groove Calipers
Groove Testers
Grooving Tools
Grubber Hand
Gun - Air Duster
Gun - Blow
Gun - Caulking
Gun - Glue
Gun - Soldering
Gun - Tyre Inflating
Guns - Spray
Guns - Staple
Hacking Knife
Hacksaw Blades
Hacksaw Junior
Hammer - Brick
Hammer - Chipping
Hammer - Club
Hammer - Coper
Hammer - Copper / Rawhide
Hammer - Deadblow
Hammer - Eng Din
Hammer - Nylon
Hammer - Rawhide
Hammer - Scutch
Hammer - Sledge
Hammer Faced - Spare
Hammer Handles
Hammer Head - Sledge
Hammer Joiners
Hammers - Air - Industrial Duty
Hammers - Ballpein
Hammers - Claw
Hand & Backsaw Tooth Setter
Hand Cleaner
Hand Cultivator
Hand Drill
Hand Flower Rake
Hand Fork (Long Handle)
Hand Joint Scraper
Hand Power Puller - 2000 kg
Hand Reamers
Hand Rivet Nut Riveter
Hand Riveters
Hand Shower
Hand Transplanter
Hand Trowel
Hand Vice - Spring Type
Hand Weeder
Hand Weeding Fork
Hand Weeding Hoe
Hand Wheels
Hand Winches / Cable
Handels - Door
Handle - Axe
Handle - File
Handle - Hoe
Handle - Mortice
Handle - Mortice Knob
Handle - Rake
Handle - Ratchet Bar 1" Drive
Handle - Ratchet Bar 3/4" Drive
Handle - Spinner 1/4" Drive
Handle - Tree Pruner
Handles - Broom
Handles - Door
Handles - File
Handles - Hammer
Handles - Pick
Handy Hooks
Handy Organiser
Handy Rolls
Hanger - Hercules
Hanger - Picture Clup & Glass
Hangers - Hose
Hanging Kit Complete - Picture Mirror
Hanging Plate
Hard Hats
Hardness Testers
Hasp & Staple
Hasp Locks
Hat & Coat Hooks
Hawk Plaster
Hay Fork - 3 Prong
Heat Gun
Heating Gas Oxyl/LPG Overview
Heating Lance - Torch
Hedge Shears
Height Gauge
Helmet - Welding
Hex Bits
Hex Key Sets
High Flow Fuel Filter
Hinge - Bullet
Hinge - Piano
Hitachi Angle Grinder
Hitachi Batteries
Hitachi Battrey Chargers
Hitachi Belt Sander
Hitachi Blower
Hitachi Breakers
Hitachi Circular Saw
Hitachi Cut-Off Machine
Hitachi Die Grinder
Hitachi Drilling Machines
Hitachi Grinder Angle
Hitachi Impact Wrenches
Hitachi Jigsaw
Hitachi Magnetic Base Drill Accessories
Hitachi Magnetic Base Drills
Hitachi Mitre Saws
Hitachi Nibbler
Hitachi Orbital Sander
Hitachi Planer
Hitachi Reciprocating Saw
Hitachi Rotary Hammers
Hitachi Routers
Hitachi Sander Orbital
Hitachi Sanker / Polisher
Hitachi Screwdriver - Dry Wall
Hitachi Shear
Hitachi Straight Grinder
Hoe Handle
Hoist Chain
Hoist Lever
Hoist Rope
Holder Bodyfile
Holder Soapstone - Flat
Hole Saw Arbors
Hole Saws
Hollow Punches
Hook - Designer
Hook - Dolphin - Assorted
Hook - Hedgehog
Hook - Humming Bee
Hook - Ladybird
Hook - Metal Large with Nails
Hook - Removable Medium
Hook - Robe
Hook - Super
Hook & Band Hinge Galvanised
Hook Robe - Wood Grain
Hook Spanner
Hook Vogue - Wood Grain
Hooks - Cabin
Hooks - Coat
Hooks - Mini
Hooks - Nail-On
Hooks - Suction
Hose (Garden) - Black Drag Line
Hose (Garden) - Connector
Hose (Garden) - Connector - Coupler
Hose (Garden) - Connector Quick Fit - Brass
Hose (Garden) - Hangers
Hose (Garden) - Mender
Hose (Garden) - Pipe
Hose (Garden) - Soaker
Hose (Garden) - Trolley Cart & Hose Real
Hose Clamps
Hose Nuts & Trails - Gas Welding
Hose Oxy & Acetylene
Hot Box - 8.5 kg Capacity
Hub Puller
Hydraulic Chucks
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Rams
Impact Driver
Impact Extensions 1" Drive
Impact Extensions 1/2" Drive
Impact Extensions 3/4" Drive
Impact Injector Socket 1/2" Drive
Impact Reducer 1" Drive
Impact Reducer 1/2" Drive
Impact Reducer 3/4" Drive
Impact Sockets 1" Drive
Impact Sockets 1/2" Drive
Impact Sockets 3/4" Drive
Impact T - Bar 1" Drive
Impact T - Bar 3/4" Drive
Impact Universal 1" Drive
Impact Universal 3/4" Drive
Impact Universal Joint 1/2" Drive
Impact Wrench Air - Heavy Industrial Duty
Impact Wrench Air - Industrial Duty
Impact Wrench Air Kit (17 Piece) - Industrial Duty
Impact Wrenches Hitachi
Indexing Units
Indicating Micrometers
Injector Cleaner
Insert Drills
Insert Tools
Inserted Dovetail Cutters
Inside Calipers
Inside Micrometers
Inspection Lamps
Insulation Tape
Internal Grinding Wheels
Inverter DC Power
Inverter Welders
Involute Gear Cutters
Iron Workers
Jack - Bottle
Jack - Farmers Jeep
Jack - Forklift
Jack - Hydra-Pneumatic
Jack - Scissors
Jack - Transmission
Jack - Trolley
Janus Coupler
Jaw Insert Threader
Jenny Caliper
Jet Reamer
Jeweler's Screwdriver Set
Jig Saw Hitachi
Jigsaw - B & D
Jigsaw Blades
Joiner's Hammer
Joint Scraper
Jointer Brick with Wheels
Jointer Grano
Jump Starters
Junior Hacksaw
Junior Hacksaw Blades
Junior Saws
Key Blanks
Key Electrical - 4 Way
Key for Plastic Cupboard Locks
Key Tags
Keyhole Lock Blocker
Knife - Cane
Knife - Corn
Knife - Hacking
Knife - Shoe
Knife - Snap Off
Knife - Spare Blades Snap Off
Knife - Spare Blades Trimming
Knife - Trimming
Knurling Tools
Ladies Fork
Ladies Spade
Lance Spray
Lanterns / Torches
Lasher Levels
Lathe - Variable Speed Readout
Lathe Centres
Lathe Chucks
Lathe Tool Sharpeners
Lawn Edges
Lead Sealing Plier
Lead Sealing Wire
Lead Seals - Round
Leather Care and Conditioner
Leather Punches
Lektro Kleen
Letter Plate
Letter Stamps
Level Dumpy & Acc
Level Pro-Mag
Lever Action Barrel Pump - Heavy Duty
Lever Blocks - Burncrete
Lever Flush Bolts
Lever Hoist
Lever Pump - high Viscosity
Light Fitting - Watertight 100W
Line of Chords
Line Pins
Liner Tweco
Liquid Car Polish
Load Tester Battery
Lock - Cupboard
Lock - Entrance
Lock - Security Box
Lock - Security Cable
Lock - Security Gate
Lock Blocker
Lockout Hasps - Steel
Locks - Drawer
Locks - Hasp
Locks - Mortice
Locks - Patio Door
Locks - Rim
Locksets - Mortice
Long Nose Pliers
Lopping Shear
LS Drills
Lubrication Filters
Lugs - Cable
Lumber Crayons
Machine Lamps
Machine Levels
Machine Levers
Machine Mounts
Machine Reamers
Machine Taps
Machine Tool Probes
Machine Vices
Machining Centres
Mag Wheel Clean Spray
Magnet Bases
Magnetic Base Drill Accessories Hitachi
Magnetic Base Drills Hitachi
Magnetic Catch - Plastic
Magnetic Chucks
Magnetic Drill Stands
Magnetic Lifters
Magnetic Pickup Tool
Magnetic Transfer Blocks
Magnets - Welder's
Mallet - Rubber
Mallet - Wooden
Marker - Paint
Marking - Blue
Marking Blue - Mechanic's
Marking Gauge - Plastic
Marking Tools
Marlin Spike
Masking Tape
Masonry Drills
Masonry Grinding Disc
Mastic Trowel
Matpower Drill Presses
Mats - Bath
Maxi-Grabs - Burncrete
Measuring Equipment
Measuring Kits
Measuring Wheel
Mechanical Puller
Mender - Garden Hose
Mending - Brace
Metal Protextor Spray
Micrometer Heads
Micrometer Stands
MIG - Adaptor Central
MIG - Contact Tips
MIG - Gas Diffusers
MIG - Gun Body / Plug Nut
MIG - Handle & Switch
MIG - Liners
MIG - Nozzles / Shrouds
MIG - Power Cable
MIG - Shrouds
MIG - Swan Neck
MIG - Swan Necks / Conductor Tubes
MIG - Tip Adaptor
MIG - Torch
MIG - Torches & Accessories - Welding
MIG - Welders
MIG - Welding Tables
MIG - Wire
Milling Chucks
Milling Cutters
Milling Inserts
Milling Machines
Mini Pliers
Mirlon Rolls & Pads
Mirror Corners
Mirror Inspection Tool
Mirror Value Suction
Mist Spray Unit
Mitre Corner Clamp
Mitre Saw Blades
Mitre Saws Hitachi
Mitrebox - Pine
Mitrebox Plus Saw Plastic
Mitrebox with Saw Metal
Mixer - Paint
Moisture Repellant
Mortice & Marking Gauge
Mortice Door Locks
Mortice Knob Handles
Mortice Locks
Mortice Locksets
Mould Protect Spray
Mould Release
Mounted Points
Mounted Stone Set
Mount-It - Adhesive
Mouse & Rat Traps
Mouse Sander B & D
MTS Drills
MU Checkers
Mug Hook
Multi Purpose Lathes
Multi Storage System
Multi Tool - 12 in 1
Multiplier Torque
Multiwrench - 3 in 1
Mutton Cloth
Nail Anchor
Nail Punches
Nailer - Air - Heavy Industrial Duty
Nailer - Air - Industrial Duty
Nails - Air
Nails - Brad
Nails - Concrete
Nails - Garden Wall
Needle Files
Needle Scaler Air - Heavy Industrial Duty
Nest of Saws
Nibbler Hitachi
Nickel Compound
Night Latch
Nipples Grease
Niustyre Repellent
Noga Burrs
Nosing Trowel
Notched Trowel
Nova 1 Novabrick
Nova 13 Deepshine Floor Polish
Nova 14 Novaseal
Nova 15 Timberseal
Nova 16 Novaglow
Nova 17 Novathane
Nova 18/ Novadye
Nova 2 Slasto 'n Stone Sealer
Nova 3 Slate 'n Quarry Tile Dress
Nova 5 Novapave
Nova 8 Novastrip
Nova Bourne Gleem
Nova Bourne Stoneseal
Nozzle - Brass Adjustable
Nozzle - Heating
Nozzle - Insulator Tweco No. 4
Nozzles - Cutting
Nozzles - Cutting American Style
Nozzles - Cutting ANM (Short)
Nozzles - Cutting ANME (Long)
Nozzles - Cutting PNM (Short)
Nozzles - Cutting PNME (Long)
Nozzles - Cutting Propane
Nozzles - Sprays
Nozzles - Tweco No.4
Nozzles - Welding
Number & Letter Punches
Number Stamps
Numbers 0-9
Nut & Bolt Assortment
Nut Drivers
Nut Runners
Nut Splinters
Nut Splitters
Nylon Cutting Line
Nylon Face Hammers
O Ring Assortment
Offset Screwdriver
Oil Cans
Oil Drainers
Oil Feed Holders
Oil Measures
Oil Pressure Tester
Oil Pumps
Oil Strap Wrench
Oil Suction Gun
Oil Threading
Oil Transformer
Oil Treatment
Oilers Air Tools - Mini
Open End Spanners
Open Gear & Wire Rope Spray
Open Slide Bolts
Optical Flats
Orbital Sander - Air - Industrial Duty
Orbital Sander Sheets
Ouside Calipers
Outside Micrometers
Oval Rod Socket
Overall - 2 Piece
Overall - Boilersuit
Overall - Dust Coat
Packaging Tape
Pad - Sound Deadening
Paint - Spray
Paint - Tyre Black
Paint Brushes
Paint Mixers
Paint Roller Set
Paint Scrapers
Paint Tank & Spray Gun
Pallet Jack - 2.5 Ton
Paper Towel Holder
Paraffin Spray Gun
Parting Blades
Parting Holders
Parting Inserts
Parts Washer
Paste - Anti Scuff
Paste - Copper Compound
Paste - Cutting
Paste - Silicone
Paste - Solder
Pedistal Drill Machines
Penetrating & Releasing Fluid
Penetrating Fluid
Penetrating Spray
Petrol Injector Cleaner
Phillips Bits
Pi Tapes
Piano Hinge
Pick - Mattocks
Pick Eye Axe
Pick Handles
Pick Head
Pickup Claw Tool
Picture Hooks
Picture Wire Kit - Hook
Piercing Awl
Piercing Punches
Pin Punches
Pin Vices
Pinch Bars
Pipe & Tube Cutter Spare Wheels
Pipe Benders
Pipe Centres
Pipe Cutters
Pipe Thread Tape
Pipe Threaders
Pipe Vice - Hinged
Pipe Wrench
Piston Ring Compressor
Piston Ring Pliers
Plane Blades
Planer Hitachi
Planes Surform
Plasma Cutter
Plasma Torches
Plaster Hawk
Plate Hangers
Plier - Brake Spring
Plier - Bvicegrip / Locking
Plier - Cable Cutter
Plier - Carpenters Pincher
Plier - Circlip
Plier - Combination
Plier - Concrete Nipper
Plier - Crimping
Plier - Diagonal
Plier - End Nipper
Plier - Fencing
Plier - Flat Nose
Plier - Glass
Plier - Lead Sealing
Plier - Mini
Plier - Multi Tool
Plier - Pinchers
Plier - Piston Ring
Plier - Revolving Punch
Plier - Round Nose
Plier - Set - 3 Pc
Plier - Side Cutters
Plier - Slip Joint
Plier - Stripping
Plier - Telephone
Plier - Tile Breaker
Plier - Tile Nipper
Plier - Water Pump
Plier - Wheel Balancing
Plier - Wire Twisting
Pliers - Triple Strip & Crimp
Plug - Bath / Basin
Plug - S/Steel - Universal
Plug - S/Steel with Chain - Universal
Plug Holder
Plug in Loghtning Protector
Pneumatic Oilers
Pneumatic Tools
Podger Spanner
Point Micrometers
Pointing Trowels
Polish - Car
Polish - Tyre
Polisher / Waxer B & D
Poly Filler
Polystyrene Foam Adhesive
Porcelain Galleries
Porcelain Lamp Holder
Post Level
Power Bar - 1" Drive
Power Bar - 1/2" Drive
Power Bar - 1/4" Drive
Power Bar - 3/4" Drive
Power Bar - 3/8" Drive
Power Feed Attachments
Power Head (Flexible Head) - 1" Drive
Power Inverters
Power Lathe Chucks
Power Mastic Sealant
Power Packs
Power Punch - Picture Nail Applicator
Power Punch Nails & Caps
Power Saws
Power Tools
Powersaw Blades
Pratley 1-2-3
Pratley Epoxy Glue
Pratley Ezeebond
Pratley Flexiseal
Pratley Putty
Pratley Wonderfix
Presses - Shop
Pressure Spray
Prick Punch
Production Paper Rolls
Profile Cutters
Profile Projectors
Protective Clothing
Protector Pads
Pruner Tree
Pruning Saws
Pruning Secateurs
Pruning Shear
Pry Bars
Pull Studs
Puller - Bearing Remover
Puller - Bearing Separator
Puller - Concentric
Puller - Hand Power
Puller - Hub Mechanical 3 Leg
Puller - Hydraulic
Puller - Hydraulic Ram
Puller - Mechanical
Puller - Micro Fast Fit
Puller - Self Adjustable Grip
Puller & Separator Kit - Thin Jaws - Hydraulic
Puller Gear - Heavy Duty
Puller Kit - Multi Pack
Pump - Barrel - Rotary
Pump - Ezee Flow
Pumps - Hydraulic
Pumps - Liquid
Punch - Centre
Punch - Centre Automatic
Punch - Chassis
Punch - Drift
Punch - Nail
Punch - Pin
Punch - Prick
Punch - Revolving Plier
Punch - Roofing
Punch - Screw Hole
Punch - Wad
Punch & Chisel Set
Punch Grinder
Punches - Belt
Punches - Number & Letter
Punching Machines
Push Through Switch
Putty - Fire Proof
Putty - General Purpose
Putty - Pratley
Putty - Spot
PVC Cutter
PVC Glue
PVC Weld
Q in One Oil
Quick Action Clamps
Quick Change Tool Posts
R8 Tooling
Radial Arm Drilling Machines
Radiator Flush
Radiator Seal
Radius Gauge
Radius Marker Std
Rafter Squares
Rain Gauge - 100 mm
Rain Gauge Metal Stand
Rain Suits
Raises Bookcase Strip
Rake Handle
Rapid Kleen
Rasp Files
Ratchet - Insert Tool
Ratchet & Handle
Ratchet 1" Drive
Ratchet 1/2" Drive
Ratchet 1/4" Drive
Ratchet 3/4" Drive
Ratchet 3/4" Drive
Ratchet Coupler 1/2" Drive
Ratchet Coupler 3/4" Drive
Ratchet Coupler 3/8" Drive
Ratchet Double Johnny 3/4" Drive
Ratchet Rope Tie Down
Ratchet Spanner
Ratchet Tie Down
Ratchet Wrench - Air - Industrial Duty
Ratchet Wrench - Air - Kit Industrial Duty
Rawhide Face Hammers
Razon & Toothbrush Holder
Razor Holder
Razor Holder - Value Suction
Razor Scraper
RDA Tape
Readylight PVC - 150 mm
Reamer Jet
Rechargeable Screwdriver B & D
Reciprocating Blade
Reciprocating Saw Hitachi
Reducer 1" Drive
Reducer 1/2" Drive
Reducer 1/4" Drive
Reducer 3/4" Drive
Reducer 3/8" Drive
Reducer Impact 1" Drive
Reducer Impact 1/2" Drive
Reducer Impact 3/4" Drive
Reducting Socket
Reflective Tape
Refuge Bags
Regbate Kits
Regulator - Flowmeter with Heater
Regulator - LPG
Regulator - Multi Stage Oxy / Ace
Regulator - Single Stage Oxy / Acetylene
Regulator - Single Stage vs Multi Stage Overview
Repair Kit - Fiberglass
Reseater Tap
Resin Fibre Discs
Retrofit Systems
Rev Counters
Revolting Centres
Rhinolite Trowel
Right Angle Heads
Rim Locks
Ripping Cutters
Rivet Nut Attachment
Rivet Nut Riveter
Rivet Washers
Riveter - Hand
Riveter Air - Heaby Industrial Duty
Riveter Air - Industrial Duty
Rivets - Pop
Road Stampers
Robe Hook - Suction
Robe Hooks
Rods - Brazing Copper to Copper
Rodshaw Blades
Rolacrawls - Burncrete
Roll Machines
Roller Set
Roofing Punches
Rope - Braided
Rope - Ski
Rope Hoist - 450 kg
Rope Lacing Cord
Rope Lslings - Burncrete
Rope Sash Cord
Ropes Fitted - Burncrete
Rose Cutters
Rotary Barrel Pump (Oil)
Rotary Broaches
Rotary Chemical Pump
Rotary Hammers Hitachi
Rotary Tables
Rotary Washline
Roughness Comparator
Round Nose Pliers
Round Nose Shovel
Roundness Measuring
Routers Hitachi
Rubber Hardness Tester
Rubber Mallets
Rubber Skid Protector
Rubber Squeegee
Rubber Tap Adaptor
Rubbing Bricks
Rubbing Compound Rules
Rust Converter
Rust Remover
Safety Boots
Safety Cupboard Lock
Safety Jacket with Lights
Safety Products - Child
Safety Shields
Safety Takkie
Salamoniac Block
Sand Paper
Sander - Dual Action Air - Industrial Duty
Sander - Mouse B & D
Sander - Orbital B & D
Sander - Orbital Hitachi
Sander / Polisher Hitachi
Sanding Belts
Sanding Block
Sanding Discs
Sanding Machines
Sanding Sealer
Sanding Sheets - Cabinet Paper
Sanding Sheets - Emery Cloth
Sanding Sheets - Orbital
Sanding Sheets - Water Paper
Sash Clamps
Saw - Coping
Saw - Dovetail
Saw - Hand
Saw - Nest Of
Saw - Pruning
Saw - Tenon
Saw Back
Saw Sharpening Wheels
Saw with Mitrebox - Plastic
Saws - Bow
Scaling Chisels / Asphalt Cutters
School Board Chalk
Scissor Jack - 1 Ton
Scissor Tinsnips
Scotch Screw-Eyed Auger Bits
Scraper - Engineer's
Scraper - Razor
Scraper - Window
Scrapers - Paint
Scratch Protector Strip
Screen Door Hinge
Screper - Cabinet
Screw Cutting Gauge
Screw Cutting Gauges
Screw Hole Punch
Screw Pitch Gauges
Screw Plug
Screwdrever Sets
Screwdriver - Air - Clutch Type - Industrial Duty
Screwdriver - Dry Wall Hitachi
Screwdriver - Electricians Set 1000V - With Tester
Screwdriver - Impact Driver
Screwdriver - Offset
Screwdriver - Phillips
Screwdriver - Rechargable B & D
Screwdriver - Yankee Heaby Duty
Screwdriver Bit - Double
Screwdriver Sockets - 1/2" Drive
Scrolling Machines
Scutch Combs
Scutch Hammers
SDS + Drill Bits
Seal Lead Round
Sealer - Copper Gasket
Sealer - Gasket
Sealer - Sanding
Security Cable
Security Gate Lock
Security Lock Box
Self Brackets
Self Fusing Tape
Seperator Ball Joint
Serrated Trowel
Settling Rings
Shackles - Burncrete
Sharpener - Drill Bits
Sharpening Machines
Sharpening Stones
Shear - Grape
Shear - Grass
Shear - Lopping
Shear - Pruning
Shear - Sheep
Shear Hitachi
Shears - Hedge
Sheep Shear
Sheet Metal Drills
Sheet Metal Micrometers
Shelf Nails - Steel / Plastic
Shelf Supports
Shelf Value Suction
Shifting Spanner
Shoe - Steel Cap - Safety
Shoe Knife - Wooden Handle
Shoe Repair
Shop Presses
Shot Blasters
Shoulder Bolts
Shovel - Round Nose
Shovel - Square Mouth
Shower - Bath / Hand
Shower Caddy
Shower Caddy Value Suction
Shower Curtain Hooks
Shower Curtain Rail
Shower Curtains
Shut Off Valves (Garden)
Side & Face Cutters
Side Cutter
Silicon Grease
Silicon Sealer - Bath
Silicon Sealers
Silicone Paste
Silicone Sealants
Silicone Sealent
Silicone Spray
Silicone Stripper
Single Angle Cutters
Sink & Drain Cleaner
Sink Strainer
Siphon Pump
Sisal Twine
Ski Rope
Skirting Trowel
Slasher - Double Edge
Slasher - Grass
Sledgehammer Heads
Sleeve - Drill
Sliding Head 1" Drive
Sliding Head 3/4" Drive
Sliding T-Bar 1/2" Drive
Sliding T-Bar 1/4" Drive
Sliding T-Bar 3/4" Drive
Sliding T-Bar 3/8" Drive
Sliding T's
Slings Rope - Burncrete
Slings Webbing - Burncrete
Slip Gauges
Slip Joint Plier
Slip Rolls
Slitting Saws
Slogging Spanner - Flat
Slogging Spanner Ring
Slogging Spanners
Slot Drills
Slotting Machines
Smoke Doctor
Snap Hook
Snap Off Blade
Snap Off Knife
Snap-In Dual Shut Off
Snips - Universal
Soaker Hose
Soap Holder - Nail On
Soap Holder - Value Suction
Soap Holder - Vogue
Soap Holders
Soap Saver
Soap Sugar
Soapstone Chalk
Soapstone Holder - Flat
Socket - Set 3/8" Drive
Socket 1" Drive
Socket 1/2" Drive
Socket 1/4" Drive
Socket 3/4" Drive
Socket 3/8" Drive
Socket Combo Set 1/4" & 1/2" Drive
Socket Diesel Injector Socket 1/2" Drive
Socket Impact 1" Drive
Socket Impact 1/2" Drive
Socket Injector Impact 1/2" Drive
Socket Panel - Welding Machines
Socket Set - 1" Drive
Socket Set - 1/2" Drive
Socket Set - 1/4" Drive
Socket Set - 3/4" Drive
Socket Set - 3/8" Drove
Socket Set - Allen Key 1/2" Drive
Socket Set - Bi-Hex 1/2" Drive
Socket Set - Spline Bots 1/2" Drive
Socket Set - Torx 1/2" Drive
Socket Sets
Socket Super Drove Set 1/4" & 3/8"
Socket Super Drove Set 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2"
Socket Wrenches
Sockets Impact 3/4" Drive
Soil Tester - 3 in 1
Solder Silver
Solder Sucker
Soldering Bolts
Soldering Cleaner Flux
Soldering Guns
Soldering Iron - Stand
Soldering Irons
Soldering Paste
Soldering Station
Soldering Sticks
Soldering Tips
Solid Carbide Drills
Solid Carbide End Mills
Soluble Oil
Sound Deadening Pad
Spade - Ladies
Spanner - Adjustable Hook
Spanner - Combination
Spanner - Combination Sets
Spanner - Combination Super Drive
Spanner - Combination Swivel Head Wrench
Spanner - Double Ended Flexi-Joint
Spanner - Double Open End
Spanner - Double Open End Sets
Spanner - Drum Plug
Spanner - Flare Nut
Spanner - Heavy Duty Ring
Spanner - Ratchet
Spanner - Ring
Spanner - Ring Sets
Spanner - Ring Starter
Spanner - Single Ended
Spanner - Slogging - Flat
Spanner - Slogging Ring
Spanner - Spark Plug
Spanner - Tube
Spanner - Tubular Handle
Spanner - Wheel
Spanner - Wheel - Extendable
Spanner - Wheel - Tommy Bar
Spanzec Grinding Disc
Spares Threading Machine
Spark Plug Spanner
Spatter Release - Non Silicone
Speed Clamp
Speed Wrenches
Speedbore Drill Bits
Speedbrace - 1/2" Drive
Spike Marlin
Spinner Handle 1/4" Drive
Spiral Flute Taps
Spiral Point Taps
Spirit Levels
Spline Bits Set 1/2" Drive Set
Split Pin Assortment
Splitter Nut
Spokeshave Blades
Sponge Blocks
Sponge Blocks
Spot Putty
Spot Welders
Spray - Belt Dressing
Spray - Chain & Linkage
Spray - Cockpit
Spray - Cold Zinc Galvanising
Spray - Copper Compound
Spray - Fishing Tackle Protector
Spray - Frosted Glass
Spray - Graphite
Spray - Grease
Spray - Gun & Tank Kit
Spray - Gun Paraffin
Spray - Guns
Spray - Metal Protector
Spray - Mould Protect
Spray - Mould Release
Spray - Open Gear & Wire
Spray - Paints
Spray - Penetrating
Spray - Pressure
Spray - Pressure 6 & 8 Litre
Spray - Round Mist
Spray - Silicone
Spray - Trigger
Spray - Tyre Fix
Sprays - Garden
Spring Assortment
Spring Clamp Set - 5 Piece
Spring Plungers
Spring Wire
Square Mouth Shovel
Squeegee - Rubber
SS Drills
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Stamper - Road
Stand - Engine
Stand - Soldering Iron
Stands - Concept
Staple Guns
Stapler - Air - Industrial Duty
Staples for Air Staplers
Staples Spare
Start Up Spray
Starters Fluorescent
Steel Cutting Blade
Steel Grinding Discs
Steel Wire Ropes - Burncrete
Step Blocks
Stethoscope - Mechanic's
Stick - Solder
Stock & Dies
Stone Set - Mounted
Storage Hooks
Straight Grinder Hiatchi
Straight Line Cutter
Straight Line Cutter Add on Track
Strap Wrench
Strip & Crimp Plier
Stripper - Silicone
Stripper - Wall Paper
Stripping Pliers
Stroke Cutters
Stub Drills
Stud Remover
Studs & Sockets - Bookcase
Subar Soap
Suds Pumps
Super Abraisives
Super Glue
Support Pads
Surface Gauges
Surface Grinders
Surface Plates
Surface Roughness Comparitor
Surface Testers
Surface Wire
Surform Blades
Surform Planes
Swaging Tools
Swan Neck Tewco No.4
Swan Neck Tewco No.5
Switch Cleaner
Switches - Electrical
Swivel Locking Bar
Syntheric Oil
System Cleaner
T Cutting Compound & Fluid
Table Cloth Holder
Table Vices
Tackle Organiser
Takkies - Steel Toe Cap - Safety
Tap - Carbon Steel / HSS
Tap & Die Sets
Tap Adaptor Rubber - Assembly
Tap Adaptors
Tap Extractors
Tap Reseater
Tap Sets
Tap Swirl
Tap Wrenches
Tape - All Weather
Tape - Aluminium
Tape - Auto Repair
Tape - Barrier
Tape - Carpet
Tape - Dispenser
Tape - Double Sided
Tape - Duct
Tape - Filament
Tape - Floor Marker
Tape - Fluorescent
Tape - Gauge
Tape - Insulation
Tape - Masking
Tape - Measuring
Tape - Packaging
Tape - Pipe Thread
Tape - PTFE
Tape - RDA - Double Sided
Tape - Reflective
Tape - Safety Marker
Tape - Self Fusing
Taper Gauge
Tapping Chucks
Tapping Fluids
Taps and Die Sets
T-Bar 1" Drive
T-Bar 1/2" Drive
T-Bar 1/4" Drive
T-Bar 3/4" Drive
T-Bar 3/8" Drive
T-Bar Clamps
T-Bar Impact 1" Drive
T-Bar Impact 3/4" Drive
Tee Brace
Telephone Pliers
Telescopic Gauge Set
Telescopic Gauges
Temperature Crayons
Tenon Shaw
Tension Belt Gauge
Tester - Anti Freeze
Tester - Car Cooling System
Tester - Compression
Tester - Cooling System Plant
Tester - Coolong System
Tester - Electrical AC/DC - Auto
Tester - Fluid Refractometer
Tester - Oil Pressure
Tester - Soil
Thickness Gauge
Thread Gauges
Thread Micrometers
Thread Pitch Gauges
Thread Repair Kits
Thread Restorers
Threader - Jaw Insert
Threader - Pipe
Threader - Ratchet & Handle
Threading Files
Threading Holders
Threading Inserts
Threading Machine Spares
Threading Machines
Threading Oil - Nuclear
Three D Tester
Three Flute Drills
Three Point Micrometers
Throw Away End Mills
Tie Downs
Tig Alumina Cup Gas Lens Collect Body
Tig Alumina Cup Nozzles
Tig Back Caps
Tig Clamps Oetiger
Tig Collet Bodies
Tig Hose & Cable Connector
Tig Nuts, Tails & Nipples
Tig Switch & Switch Boots
Tig Torch
Tig Torch - 17 Series
Tig Torch - 18 Series Water Cooled
Tig Torch - 26 Series
Tig Torch Handles
Tig Torch Heads
Tig Torch Not, Tail & Nipples
Tig Torch Nuts & Nipples
Tig Torch Valve
Tig Torch Water-Cooled
Tig Welders
Tig Welding Calculation Charts
Tig Welding Torches & Accessories
Tile Cutter - 3 in 1
Tile Cutter - Carbide Tip
Tile Cutter - Heavy Duty
Tile Cutter - Nipper Plier
Tile Cutter - Tile Breaker
Tile Cutter - Tile Nipper
Tile Doctor Bitumen & Glue Remover
Tiler's Trowel
Timer - Manual Electrical
Tinship Avaiation
Tinsnip - Straight
Tinsnip Scissor
Tip - Soldering
Toggle Catch
Toggle Clamps
Toilet Roll Holder
Toilet Roll Holder - Vogue
Toilet Roll Insert
Toilet Seat
Tommy Bars
Tommy Bars (for Wheel Spanner)
Tool & Cutter Grinders
Tool Bag - Nail Leather Pouch
Tool Boxes
Tool Caddy
Tool Clamp - Large
Tool Holder
Tool Kit - Mechanic's - 1/2" & 3/4" Drive
Tool Kit - Mechanic's - 1/2" Drive
Tool Posts
Tool Rail
Tool Trolley (Empty) 7 Drawer
Tool Trolleys
Tool Trowel - Small
Tool Trunks
Toolbox - 3 Compartment
Toolbox - 5 Compartment
Toolbox - Aluminium
Toolbox - Black
Toolbox - Cabinet
Toolbox - Cantilever
Toolbox - Carpenter's
Toolbox - Chest 6 Drawer Professional
Toolbox - Die Cast Aluminium
Toolbox - Handy No Tray
Toolbox - Lift Up with Tray
Toolbox - Pressed Steel - 5 Tier
Toolbox - Structural Foam
Toolbox - With Tray
Toolkit - Cabinet Complete
Toolkit - Chest 4 Drawer - 117 Piece
Toolkit - Complete with Toolbox
Toolkit - Tools Only for 7 Drawer Tool Trolley - 152 Pieces
Toolkit - Trolley 7 Drawer
Toolkit - Trolley 7 Drawer Complete
Toolkit 1/2" Drive
Toolkits - Zip Bag
Toolpost Grinders
Tooth Setter
Toothbrush & Paste Holder
Toothbrush & Razor Holder Value Suction
Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush Holder - Value Suction
Toothbrush Holder - Vogue
Toothbrush Holder & Cup
Torch - Cutting American Style Oxy Ace & Oxy Propane
Torch - Cutting American Style Oxy Acetylene
Torch - Cutting Attachment
Torch - Cutting Black Handle
Torch - Cutting Brass Handle
Torch - Gas Handle / Shank
Torch - Gouging
Torch - Lantern Rechargable
Torch - MIG Tweco No.4
Torch - MIG Tweco No.5
Torch - Plasma Torch and Spares
Torch - Tig
Torch - Tip Nuts
Torch / Lantern
Torch Mixer - High Capacity
Torch Mixer Gas
Torch Nozzle Cleaner
Torque Multiplier
Torque Wrench Gauge Angle
Torque Wrenches
Torx Bits
Torx Keys
Torx Socket Set 1/2" Drive
Towbar - Steel Extendable
Towel Rack - Stainless Steel
Towel Rail
Towel Rail - Bogue
Towel Rail - Flange Bracket
Towel Rail Bracket
Towel Ring
Towing Strap
Training Lathes & Mills
Trammel Heads
Transfer Gun
Transformer Oil
Transformers - Electrical
Transmission Jack
Transplanter - Hand
Tread Safely Packs for Kids
Tree Pruner
Tree Pruner - Handle Tulular Telescopic
Trigger - Spray
Trimming Knife - Blades Snap-Off
Trimming Knives
Tripod Stand
Trolley - Sheet Metal - Empty
Trolley Cart & Hosereel
Trolley Jacks
Trowel - Brick
Trowel - Chocks
Trowel - Flooring
Trowel - Gauging
Trowel - Hand
Trowel - Mastic
Trowel - Nosing
Trowel - Notched
Trowel - Plaster
Trowel - Pointing
Trowel - Rhinolite
Trowel - Serrated
Trowel - Skirting
Trowel - Small Tool
Trowel - Tiler's
Trowel Transplanter - Hand
Truck Jacks - Hydra-Pneumatic
Truing Attachments
T-Slot Cutters
T-Square - Aluminium
Tube Benders
Tube Calipers
Tube Cutters
Tube Micrometers
Tube Spanner
Tubular Handle for Ring Spanner
Tungsten Electrodes
Turnbuckle - Hook & Eye
Turning Centres
Turning Inserts
Turning Tool Holders
Twine Sisal
Twist Link Chain
Twist Tie Wire
Twisting Machines
Tyre Fix Spray
Tyre Gaute
Tyre Inflating Gun
Tyre Levers
Tyre Polish
Tyrolean Machine
Unibit Drills
Universal Grinders
Universal Holders
Universal Impact 1" Drive
Universal Impact 3/4" Drive
Universal Joint 1" Drive
Universal Joint 1/2" Drive
Universal Joint 1/4" Drive
Universal Joint 3/4" Drive
Universal Joint 3/8" Drive
Universal Joint Impact 1/2" Drive
Universal Joints
Universal Key - Electrical - 4 Way
Utility Boxes
Utility Hook
Utility Knives
Utility Knives
Utility Rack
Valve Grinders
Valve Spring Compressors
Varta Batteries
Varta Battery Charger
Velcro Fateners
Verniers Depth Gauge
Vertical Polisher Air - Industrial Duty
Vice - Chain Pipe
Vice - Drill Press
Vice - Engineers
Vice - Hand Spring
Vice - Jaws
Vice - Nut
Vice - Pipe Hinged
Vice - Pipe Welding
Vice - Woodworking
Vice - Workshop
Vice Spares
Vice Table
Vice Tripod Stand
Vicegrip / Locking Plier
Vinyl PVC Tape
Vogue Hook
Wad Punch
Waistcoat - Safety
Wall Band - Double Slot
Wall Boxes
Wall Bracket
Wall Cabinets
Wall Paper Adhesive
Wall Paper Stripper
Wall Plugs - Plastic
Washer - Assortment
Washer Rivets
Washer Set
Washline - Rotary
Waste Rags
Water Cooler
Water Cooling Tank
Water Distributor - 4 Way
Water Paper
Water Pump Pliers
Water Timer - Electronic
Wax - Car
Weather Strip - Black
Webbing Slings - Burncrete
Wedge Blocks
Weeder - Hand
Weeding Fork - Hand
Weeding Hoe - Hand
Weld Seam Gauges
Welder Machine - Arc
Welders Clamps
Welders Helmets
Welders Magnet
Welders Spatter Block
Welders Wire Brush
Welders Wire Brush Block
Welding & Cutting Gas - Oxy/Acetylene
Welding & Cutting Gas - Oxy/LPG
Welding Accessories
Welding Accessory Kits
Welding and Cutting Kit (Gas)
Welding Cable
Welding Curtains
Welding Electrodes
Welding Electrodes - Cast Iron
Welding Electrodes - Iron Powder
Welding Electrodes - Low Hydrogen
Welding Electrodes - S/Steel
Welding Electrodes - SP and General Purpose
Welding Helmet
Welding Helmet Lenses - Spare
Welding Machine - DC Inverter - MMA/TIG
Welding Machine - DC Inverter - MMA/TIG/ Gouging
Welding Machine - Multi Process MIG/TIG/MMA/Gouging
Welding Machine - TIG/MMA AC/DC Welder
Welding Machine - TIG/MMA Welder
Welding Machines
Welding Pipe Vice
Welding Torches
Wet Mop
Wheel Balancing Plier
Wheel Dresser
Wheel Spanner - Extendable
Wheel Spanner - Extendable
Wheels - Flap
Wheels - Grinding
Wheels - Pipe & Tube Cutter
Wheels - Wire
Whitewash Brush
Wiggler Sets
Winch - Maxiwinch Wire Rope - Burncrete
Winches - Hand
Window Scraper
Windscreen Cleaner
Wire - Galvanised
Wire - Household
Wire - Lead Sealing
Wire - Lug Assortment
Wire Brush - Welders
Wire Brush Block
Wire MIG - Aluminium
Wire MIG - Mild Steel
Wire MIG - S/Steel
Wire Rope & Steel Cutter
Wire Rope Clamp
Wire Rope Slings & Fitted Ropes
Wire Rope Winches
Wire Ropes - Burncrete
Wire Spring
Wire Stretchers
Wire Strippers
Wire Surface
Wire Thread Insert
Wire TIG - Aluminium
Wire TIG - Mild Steel
Wire TIG - S/Steel
Wire Twist Tie
Wire Twisting Plier
Wire Wheels
Wonder Washer
Wood Bandsaw
Wood Chisels
Wood Chisels & Sets
Wood Clamps
Wood Filler
Wood Glue
Wood Planes
Wooden Dowels
Wooden Mallet
Wooden Mitrebox
Woodruff Cutters
Woodworking Vice
Work Benches
Workbench - Portable
Workshop Presses
Workshop Vice, Swivel Base - Heavy Duty
Wrecking Bars
Wrench - Basin
Wrench - Chain Pipe
Wrench - Filter
Wrench - Multi
Wrench - Oil
Wrench - Pipe
Wrench - Speed
Wrench - Strap
Wrench - Tap
Wrouoght Iron Working
Y Pieces - Welding
Yes Drills
Z Axis Setters
Zeus Books