The LES Laboratory Muffle Furnace range is designed with the exacting requirements of the laboratory environment in mind.  State of the art control systems ensure consistent and reliable results.  Our tried and tested heating element and refractory designs offer prolonged service life, the LM range is attractively presented in a lightweight air-cooled cabinet finished in a durable epoxy powder coat which blends into any laboratory environment.

Maximum Temperature:                   1200C

Maximum Continues Temperature: 1150C


The chamber is manufactured from a 98% Alumina material and is supported by lightweight low thermal mass ceramic brick.  The bricks are machined to carry spiral elements of Kanthal A1 material. 

The chamber is equipped with a chimney for the removal of any undesirable gaseous contaminants.

For ashing applications, preheated air can be passed through the chamber and extracted through a large stainless steel chimney. (Optional extra)

The removable ?hot box? is mounted in a lightweight steel cabinet designed to use convected air to provide a cool outer skin.  In the interests of the operator, the door moves on a parallel link system and an internal spring counter balance system ensures ease of movement. 

The entire cabinet is subjected to a seven-stage zinc phosphate anti-corrosion treatment and then a durable epoxy powder coat is applied.



Standard instrumentation consists of a digital set, digital indicate, dual display P.I.D. temperature controller with power limiting facility and the capacity to auto tune P.I.D values to the characteristics of your process. This in turn signals a solid state, zero voltage-switching relay, causing minimal interference with other electronic equipment.

Platinum rhodium thermocouples.

A completely independent over temperature circuit protects the unit from over firing.  The unit is supplied in manual reset, which allows the unit to be operated unattended. 

A door switch isolates the elements in the interests of operator safety.

Various optional extras are available on request.

MODEL Lt Internal Chamber mm Electrical Max Cont.
Temp Temp
LES-LM 36 3.6 90 150 270 220 12 2.6 1200 1150
LES-LM 84 8.4 120 180 390 220 15 3.3 1200 1150
LES-LM 160 16 200 220 390 220 22 4,84 1200 1150
LES-LM 300 29 200 300 490 220 30 6.6 1200 1150
LES-LM 42CV 4.2 100 200 210 220 22 4.5 1150 1100
(Coal Volatile)
LES-LM 70CA 6.9 100 170 450 220 20 4.4 1200 1150
(Coal Ashing)

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on our website.