Stericlave LES-169 E (Pressure Cooker)

This simple form of autoclave can be used in clinics and laboratories. All sizes are available in a non electric model that can be used on a gas burner.

Model LES-169 E
Class "N"
Type Vertical
Voltage AC 230 V
Sterilizing Temperature 126C (Hollow / Porous)
Sterilizing Pressure 20 psi
Chamber Material Aluminium
Chamber Size (Φ x D) 22.5 x 27.5 cm
Chamber Capacity 13 Lt
Dry Function Yes
Auto-Add Water No
Safety Device Yes
Standard Accessories -  Tray (1 Pc)
-  (Φ) 35 x (H) 55 cm
-  External Stand
-  Internal Tray Stand